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Without support from people like yourself, the countless hours spent on downloads, video production and podcasts that encourage families to honor God though caring for their health would not be possible. We also value your prayer support. Please pray for our ministry and the lives we can save, both physically and spiritually. 

Become a Cornerstone

We need a few good men and women to step out in faith and invest in our programs during our start-up. Because we believe so strongly in the power of water, we are asking our founders to invest in their family’s health immediately by purchasing one of the same water machines that has benefited our friends and family! You are building more than a business brand or a healthier family, you are building stronger communities as well. Some of the immediate expenses that you will help fund: filing for nonprofit status, creating & launching initial programs including easy meal planning, education, and cooking with kids! Also, your water testimonial will become part of our story! You will go down in the Little Iron Mom history books as a legend. Let’s face it, your donation will launch a new generation of Little Iron Moms and Super Dads. Amazing!

Machine Purchase or $1000 

Hero's Club

Join our Iron Moms and Super Dads by being one of our heroes! You contribution will help to continue all areas of Little Iron Mom.

Donors of $100 or less


Blogging Buddies

We love to write and some love to read! We share our stories, recipes, thoughts, do-it-yourself projects and connect each post to our social outlets. Some posts have reached nearly 6000 viewers and we love to meet people where they are at with the option to share these posts amongst their friends.  Sponsor a message to help others grow in all areas of their lives. Our fancy RSS feed even alerts subscribers to when new posts are published for effortless notification on content. Your support keeps our site alive and fuels the creative process.

$500 annual (4 total available)
$125 sustaining (One Quarter Year)

Sound Studio Supers Club

For our followers that love to listen we have created the podcast channel to be broadcast over the waves of SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube and our website.  We offer a multitude of ways to tune it and check out  a vast array of guests, speaking on topics from food prep, growing, faith and other stories that will inspire.  For our sponsors we provide two mentions on the show plus social mentions via our media outlet channels.

$700/annual (4 total)
$175 sustaining sponsor (One Quarter Year)

Hot Diggity Dog Downloads Club

People love getting things for free, especially when it comes to cooking, activities for kids, and building a better family. Your support will help create the necessary artwork, design time (about 16-20 hours per download) and a platform to provide families the necessary information to build a stronger, healthier kids, and help build new legacies for generations.  These Hot Diggity Dog Downloads can be used in a personal Little Iron Mom binder for the busy family to keep records, recipes and notes to pass along to other generations as a legacy builder.

$900/annual x (4 total)
$225 sustaining sponsor (One Quarter Year)

Movie Producers Club

We love creativity and the greatest way to engage is through visual connectivity. Of course this takes time, effort, equipment, props, editing, shoot time, and planning. Today, YouTube is one of the greatest ways to connect to those 18-49, a demographic that is reached on YouTube more than any cable network on traditional Television. YouTube is available in 78 languages and covers 95% of the internet, with over 50% of its views coming from mobile devices. This is why we feel it is vital to reach 3 generations exactly where they are at. Your contribution will build a better channel, stronger community, and help Little Iron Mom shoot for the stars and beyond.

$1600/annual x (4 annual)
$400 sustaining (One Quarter Year)