Got Plants?

Fact: Approximately 39% percent of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer of any type at some point during their lifetime.

Having my son go through cancer was terrible but maybe it was the punch in the gut I needed to start looking at why it happened. And I'm not the only one! More of my friends are being affected every day. You are. Your parents are, your friends too. But WHY!? I've spent seven years reading and I have found a lot of answers. Perhaps the most convicting was the information I found in the book called the China Study that links several diseases to the consumption of animal protein. Now I'm not saying I was ready to go Vegan after reading this and my conversion has been a bit of a journey. In 2015, I became very ill and could not get answers from any doctors. I had been weight lifting and eating a lot of protein per the suggestions from that industry. I had come to a point where my body could not even touch a piece of meat. I had a serious aversion to it and I was listening to what my body was saying. After thousands of dollars in doctors visits and zero answers, I resorted to doing what I could through nutrition. It's been a year and a half and I've come a long ways. I'm back to weight lifting and realize my protein intake is critical for energy. For me, ditching the high amounts of animal protein I was consuming and leaning into plant-based methods changed everything. I guess you could say I did my own China Study and I have to say I am 100% back up using T. Colin Campbell's theories and I feel great again!

A large prospective study found that the occurrence of all cancers were lower for those eating a plant-based diet as compared to those eating the Standard American Diet.

A study that looked at men and women between the ages of 50 to 65 found that those eating higher protein diets had a 75% increase in overall mortality and four fold increased risk of dying from cancer.

The American Cancer Society (February 13, 2015) published their recommendations that cancer survivors should follow plant-based diets that are high in fruits, vegetables and unrefined grains.

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