These monsters will compete with your own monsters at home. Get this fantastic chart to encourage them to eat a variety of fruits and veggies! Read more about it here.

Dinner with the Campbells

I’d like to introduce you to some incredible people out there doing incredible things! Meet the Campbell family. Not just one or two superheroes, but a family of 5 who have all, at one point or another, been a part of their company PlantPure Nation. Now that’s what I call a family business, and they come by it honestly. T. Colin Campbell (Nelson’s Dad) is the author of a book called The China Study, a book that shook me to the core about cancer and nutrition. Once my eyes were opened to this science, I certainly looked much deeper into the world of Vegans or Vegetarians! Check in on the PlantPure movement at Listen to our podcast with Kim here.

Tired of Fidget Spinners everywhere? Us too. Why not put them to good use? We've created a family fun fitness game that will keep you moving and having fun.

You will need: printer, scissors, glue stick & kiddos (or childlike adults)
Toss the cube, choose your fitness action & spin your fidget spinner
Everyone goes till the spinner stops!