Monster Eaters
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
By Little Iron Mom
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Ahhh yes...children and veggies. I'm not sure who dreads the pastime of kids eating veggies more, the kids or mom!? When I found out about the power of plant-based food, I could not stop till I found a way to get my kids to give an honest try to these foods. I personally love my veggies. I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I guess people have always considered me a bit strange for that but it was how I was raised. My grandma would munch leftover salad for breakfast and my mom pulls leftover veggies into her eggs in the morning so I have followed suit!

Traditions start early and we have a duty as parents to start our kids on this healthy path. So what's that you say? Your kid would rather eat the tires off your car than try a Brussel sprout? Look, I get it. The battle is REAL but you can't give up now. For every veggie they put in their mouth and walk away from processed foods and animal protein, the walk away from cancer and other diseases. Again, the battle IS real. 

I brainstormed a fun little idea and I'm just like this guy right now.....YESSSS!

I'm calling it the Monster Eater chart. It is both a craft and a chart to track the variety of fruits and veggies your kids eat. Check out a quick preview here:

Monster Eaters

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