To become the salt and light of communities through faith based nutritional education, supporting healthier families.

We see youth as a solution to a problem their parents inherited. In a time of processed food, families are moving away from the dinner table, eating on the fly and out of convenience. Artificial food and artificial faith has left a generation in despair with obesity soaring and childhood diseases at an all time high. Little Iron Mom (and Super Dads too) seeks to bridge the gap, connecting families to solutions for healthier happy lives. We foresee training others and building a grass-roots campaign of families across the nation, reinforcing the importance of community to grow strong healthy kids.




Pillars of Influence
Faith-In watching families I admire, I often take mental notes on what brings them to where they are. What makes them so calm despite their struggles? How do they have so much patience? For example, I had two women in my life with the same exact rare disease. In one, the disease took over her life. She was in a hole of desperation and it spilled over to her relationships. In my other friend, she had a very calm sense that surrounded her. The same disease, two entirely different results. In fact, I wanted to help my struggling friend so I connected the two women. My distraught friend told me that my calm friend's disease was not as bad as hers. Was this true? Possibly, but I don't think so. I know that my friend was rooted in Christ's love and she had support from her family and church. She weathered the storm in a whole different way. Faith in Christ is a rock that we can stand on and when rooted in Christ's love, our emotional stability increases no matter what the storm. This has massive implications for our health and the relationships around us! Leaning on God is HEALTHY. Let's find a way to make a habit of leaning on Him and stabilize our emotional health for ourselves and our families.
Family-No matter who your "tribe" is, family should be your closest friends. We all grow up in different family dynamics. My best friend in high school had an awful family life. She often vacationed with our family and looking back I think she learned what a loving family could feel like. If your family is in a place to invite someone in, do it. If you need a family to mentor you, find one. I believe God want's everyone to know the love of family and we need to be able to open ourselves up to be sure everyone has a chance at knowing love in the context of "family".

We are made to move! The super dad in our family likes to say, "fitness has no finish line." This is so true. Don't be discouraged by where you are at because the only way to go is up and the best time to start is NOW. Take one day at a time and lean on your tribe. Write down goals and stick to them. Don't bite off more than you can chew (I speak from experience) and allow yourself the grace to rest if you overdo it. 

My favorite. Food...all kinds. We all have a different family story of food. Some of us grew up out of packaged food in the cupboard, some have never tried Brussel sprouts or peas, and some have enjoyed the many colors of food God made. No matter what your background, I would encourage you to be open to a whole new world here. If you are open and willing, your kids will follow. Food and water are tools that God uses to pour light into our bodies. Food is full of life and water itself is the most basic elements of life. Without both, we are not able to maintain the temple that God has given us. Let's consider re-inventing our emotional ties to food by creating fun and fuel for our families that makes us better people.

Are we too busy and stressed to have fun? Laughter is amazing medicine. When I'm down and my kids do something goofy it breaks the emotional pattern I have set myself into. How can we have more fun? How can we encourage our kids to be silly. My daughter and I often do voices. The boys look at us like we are nuts but they are always laughing. My son Josh is quite serious and like all brothers, he "dislikes" his sister. However, I've noticed he longs for her entertainment when she is not around. I cherish will all my heart the fun and silly moments that our family has but I know that I have missed it in the past. Let's be sure to cherish fun and don't MISS it!

Little Iron Moms

LIM is based on an experience and a story. Great things are born out of our experiences​ and the challenges brought to our lives can wake us up to truth...if we aren't blind to it. The question often becomes, are we willing to listen to our greatest teacher? Can we fall back onto His shoulders and allow his presence to manifest fully into our lives?
About Benjamin he said: “Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.”
Deuteronomy 33:12 NIV
Some have truly felt the presence of God and others have walked near Him at times, never really allowing him to take control. But what if you didn't have a choice? Maybe you or a family member are battling a disease? Your finances are beyond your control or your boss is on a rampage that wages a war on your spirit.
It's pretty likely that I'm not the only one with a story. If your not struggling now, I'm sure the idea of struggling is not foreign to you.
My oldest is a brain cancer survivor. 7 years ago this September (2010), he survived an extremely large brain tumor that nearly took his life. There is almost nothing that this experience did not change about my life. During his time in the hospital I witnessed miracles. God told me specifically through people, prayer, and circumstances that he would live, and he did. I knew it wasn't in my control and I leaned on my then childlike faith to make it through. God proved himself very real to me during this time.
"But why God did this happen to me", I would ask in the aftermath. What was I supposed to teach others from my dreadful experience. 7 years later, Josh's type of cancer has gone from a rate of 1 in 1.5 million to 1 in 50,000. While I'm not able to find correlating statistics to support this on cancer sites, I looked it up then and I looked it up now... Moms don't miss these facts. By the year 2030, if we don't change something, half of your immediate family will experience cancer. I love games, but this is a game I'm not willing to play...are you?
ADHD, cancer, allergies, digestive disorders, heart disease, on and on. We didn't have epi-pens when I was in school and I'm almost certain I didn't know what cancer was as a child! 
Its a big job, but we have an opportunity as parents to shape our child's future in multiple ways. Part of the message God has laid on my heart is that he does not intend for our bodies to struggle, he wants us to thrive! He calls us to watch over our bodies as our temple. As an IronMom or SuperDad, this means watching over our children's temples as well.
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.
1 Corinthians 6:19 NIV
My name is Karen and I'm just one of many Little Iron Moms and Super Dads trying to make a difference for our kids. This is a call to you, Iron Mom or Super Dad, to join me!

Super Dads Too

We never really know just how much we love our Father until we ourselves become a Father.  Of course, we always love them but that love and respect goes much grows existentially as we find out just how hard they worked to raise us.  There is an amount nervous anxiety the day you find out about the arrival of a little one, but that arrival day is incredible, emotional, and exciting.

It’s that growing love and the growing love of our heavenly Father that brings me here today.  He has embraced me to grow spiritually and share with you our story.

I was down and out in 2011 with busted relationships, failed business ventures, I was losing my eye-sight in one eye and I felt no reason to go on.  On a nature walk, I reflected how 10 years prior, in a similar way,  I surrendered it all to God.  I gave my last $25 to a local church and the next day I was called back to work after a nine-month layoff.  That is when it hit me, God’s always faithful, I surrendered again, found and eye specialist who found the cataract and surgery soon followed.  I found my "mojo" at conferences I attended.  I continued to gain confidence and spoke at a conference in New Orleans that I had wanted to give up on.  When I surrendered I asked for far more than eyesight, I asked for vision!  Part of that vision included meeting Little Iron Mom, and more of that vision came with the arrival of mini-me.  Heston is nothing short of a miracle, as I was not supposed to be able to have children.  Now, becoming a father at a late age may not be the desires of many men, but it was the perfect timing for me and God works on His timing not ours.

I will spare the details for another day, but with his arrival, I knew I needed to be a better man.  The adage “if I can be half the man my father is” really hit home with me.  I needed not only to be in better physical condition, but emotionally and spiritually.   When I realized, I was a father, it really hit me at just how great my father is, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to realize that and tell him personally.

While I am no expert, I am still learning to parent every single day.  I have felt called to share the experience with others to be better dads, husbands, fathers, uncles, and friends; to be intentional and present every day for the best moments life offers.  As I have hit the half century point, I look back at my childhood and very few playthings stand out, but the memories made with my parents, grand-parents and little brother have lasted a lifetime, a lifetime without cellphones or Instagram.

I triple-dog dare you to join me in this journey and take steps to be intentional with the people around you!